Great Tips to Clean your Walls: Damage Free Wall Cleaning

Want to enhance the appeal of your space?

A thorough cleaning offers a great way to increase the look of a home or office and maintain a healthy atmosphere. You may also want to get an in-depth cleaning done if you are planning to sell your property. Whether you are planning for end-of-lease cleaning or just a regular cleaning, getting the walls cleaned requires experience and the use of the right techniques. Listed below are a few tips to get the job done right.

Prepare the Walls for Cleaning

Cleaning the walls is a difficult task and requires a planned approach. Start by preparing the wall and this step involves removing posters, pictures or mirrors. You will also need to move furniture so that you have adequate space to clean the walls. Remove nails to ensure that the cleaning goes smoothly.

Start by dusting the walls with a feather duster or a brush. You can even consider using a soft-bristled broom. Ensure that every part of the wall is covered.

Check the Paint Before Using the Cleaning Method

There are different types of paint and it is important to determine the cleaning method based on the type of paint on the walls. High-gloss paint is resistant to washing and does not come off easily. If your walls have flat paint, ensure that a gentle method of cleaning is used.

If you are unsure about the type of paint, start by using just water instead of a detergent. You can choose a section and try cleaning the stain. If the paint

appears to be holding, you can make use of detergent if required. Otherwise, you may just prefer wiping the walls. If there are sections of the walls that cannot be cleaned, you can consider repainting.

Ensure Safety

When cleaning walls, safety is an important consideration. Start by unplugging if there are electrical outlets. When wiping areas around wires, make sure to use a sponge that is wrung dry. Make sure not to use too much water during the cleaning process. To reach higher areas of the wall, keep a stool handy. Make use of a hat to prevent debris from falling from higher surfaces.

In case you have used wallpaper, the above methods cannot be used. While vinyl wallpaper can be washed, paper wallpaper is prone to damage if water is used.

Hire the Service of Professionals

If you are unsure or the thought of thoroughly cleaning walls daunts you, make sure to hire the service of experts. By availing of the service of specialist wall cleaners, you can have the peace of mind that the cleaning will be handled professionally and in the best possible way.

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