Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Rony’s carpet steam services has become one of the finest rug cleaners in the market. A lot of it has been down to our combination of hi-tech and traditional methods. We use an exclusive hand-wash system which has redefined professional rug cleaning. The rugs are submerged into a liquid form of cleaning agent, which is followed by an intense step by step process. Each process is devised around the quality of fibres and the form of texturing present in the textiles.

Right from rug cleaning and reparation of rugs which are not in the best shape, restoring them and getting all types of unwanted materials out of their weaving patterns, Rony’s carpet steam servicess provide the most intricate of treatment courses.

We make sure that we follow a rigorous Pre and Post Treatment schedule which includes micro-seal food/ink stain cure, restoration of the rug’s symmetry and the use of maintenance products which maintain the rug’s quality.

Why we are the finest in the market –

  • We are open seven days a week.
  • We provide special services such as pet excreta cleaning. We also make sure that your rug is ridden of substances such as paint, colours, etc. – any such material which threatens to leave a permanent stain.
  • We use products that are health conscious and completely free of any harmful chemicals.
  • We offer the best rates in the market.

Stains detract from a rug’s beauty and can make the rest of the room feel dirty and unkempt. While many home solutions can remove stains, Rony’s carpet steam and tile grout cleaning team has access to high-quality products,equipment that utilizes advanced technology plus the training and expertise for removing even the most stubborn stains. We can clean most types of area rugs from large to small and heirloom to the newest high-tech carpet fibers.

Place your rugs in the safe hands of our experts. Contact us now!